Visonic PowerMax alarm and mqtt/openHAB

And so came the breakthrough! Finally my Delphi-hacking led to that the PowerMax Complete tells the mqtt-bus in RabbitMQ about how it feels and what’s going on. What i’m looking for is of course to know when the alarm is armed/disarmed, but also to be able to use the already existing PIR’s (motion), door and fire sensors in our solution (openHAB).

The integration would not be possible without the fantastic documentation over at domoticas forum (Domotica forum blog post)

Technically, the alarm is connected to a linux server over rs232 interface. On that server, the daemon ser2net makes it possible to use the serial port from another network connected computer.

Well. Times up. Thats all for today. Next step will be to actually use the alarm events in the HA setup.


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