The first step between Arduino and MQTT


So – the first step has now been completed. The Arduino Nano is now actually getting it’s data all the way to the MQTT bus. Right now, it’s in a pretty ”rough”/testing state 🙂

It’s set up using my Arduino Nano as the sensor host. The Nano is hooked up to a RPi which shares the usb com port to an ip port via the daemon ser2net. Then I have written a Java-GW that connects to the IP port as well as the mqtt-bus. It’s in that application all the magic happens 🙂

As of now, this little evaluation set up gives me data for Temp, light and a PIR. Next step is to actually transform the Nano to a radio GW (for radio net based on NRF24L01 units) snd build some radio nodes. I’ll be back with information about bought units and overall project status!

And of course – a picture showing the result.


Over and out!


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