Follow up on the ”SensorsToMQTT” project

There has not been very much action in the home automation or prototyping areas since last post. However, I managed to update the project to MySensors 1.4 protocol (yes, I know there is a 1.5 version now).  I also ported the Visonic PowerMax connector from Delphi to a sub part of SensorsToMQTT project (not fully logic name since the alarm connector moved in 🙂 ). This project is now also available ”as is” on GitHub (SensorsToMQTT on GitHub).

But, of course – time flies! And server dies. Ok – after some hardware drop out I have tried to run MySensors and Visonic connectors directly integrated in openHAB and not via my own SensorsToMQTT project.  More on this in coming posts.

Over and out!


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